For Relief Of Occasional Constipation And Bowel Cleansing


Sodium Acid Phosphate USP     16% w/v

Sodium Phosphate USP               6% w/v

Purified Water USP                            q.s.

Laxsana Senna Tablets

Laxsana Senna Tablets


Lactulose Solution Usp

Cadilose Green

Lactitol 10gm And Ispaghula Husk 3.5gm Powder

Laxilac -Sodium Picosulfate

Picosulfato De Sodio 10 Mg Tablets

Laxilac Tablet

Sodium Picosulfate Tablets


Bisacodyl Tablet Ip 5 Mg


Bisacodyl Tablets Ip 5 Mg

Enemax (P)

Monobasic And Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Rectal Enema

Mecid Enema

Mesalamine Rectal Suspension Usp

Enemax Glycerin

Glycerin And Sodium Chloride Enema