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Product Description

It contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Glutaraldehyde, Triclosan and Benzalkonium Chloride in a synergistic combination which kill many groups of virus including corona type viruses.This Combination of disinfectant is Commonly used in healthcare facilities for disinfecting application.

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate , Chlorhexidine Gluconate , Carbomer,Glutaraldehyde, Triclosan, Benzalkonium Chloride Demineral water.

1- For Surface Cleansers : Use 30 ml (2 capful) to 4 ltr of water.(half a bucket)

2- For Tunnel Spray or Inside or outside Premises : 2 ltr to be add in 100 ltr. Water for Normal Spray Which can be Use up to 4 ltr in 100 ltr. for better Result.

3- For Table, Chair and House Hold Spray : Use 15 ml (1 capful) to 1 ltr. of water and prepared spray solution.